María Alejandra de la Rosa

She is a visionary and disruptive leader in the food industry, dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in every step she takes. In her role as Regional Director of Innovation at CMI Foods, she charts a path to new horizons in emerging markets in LATAM. With over two decades of commercial and innovation experience at FMCG in multiple countries Maria Alejandra has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to approach challenges with boldness and strategic vision.

Since joining CMI eight years ago, Maria Alejandra has revolutionized the development of new categories and business models that have brought growth to the Restaurants & Retail, B4B, B4C and Meat Solutions business units. Her passion for bringing ideas to life and exploring new opportunities has been the driving force behind the company's growth and competitiveness in a constantly evolving marketplace.

María Alejandra is a leader who does not settle for existing limits; she constantly challenges and redefines them and thanks to her knowledge of consumers, shoppers and customers in the region she manages to capture opportunities and segment according to their own needs. With a business degree specializing in management and marketing from the distinguished Universidad Metropolitana, backed by an MBA from INCAE Business School, he has a solid academic background backed by deep practical experience.

As an expert and professional speaker, Maria Alejandra captivates her audience with her strategic insight, her passion for innovation and her continuous search for innovative proposals. Her story is an inspiring testimony of how leadership, innovation and determination can transform industries and break down barriers, paving the way to a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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